Make it real

Do you have an idea or project that will make the world a fairer, healthier place, with greater well-being for everyone and our planet? Do you believe you are showing a new way? Are you bumping into the walls of the system and feel that people don’t understand the impact you are trying to make? Are you struggling to get your first funding? Then you have come to the right place.

Selected ideas get financed in order to evolve from idea to investable project.

You also get access to the Kaira network of service providers who offer their expertise pro bono and tailored to your needs. It can be legal, marketing, IT, HR or other expertise, depending on your needs.

To know if you are at the right place, check if your idea fulfills following conditions:


Your idea is innovative and brings us closer to a socially and ecologically just world for people and planet.


Your idea is scalable. It is a blueprint for a new social, ecological or economic model that can inspire others. You have the intention to scale or share your knowledge (country, region or worldwide).

Social and ecological gain

is paramount.
Short-term financial gain is secondary to the socio-ecological impact.


Send us an e-mail. Afterwards, we will invite you for a pitch.

When we have all the information, your project will be reviewed by our advisory board, reinforced by a specialist in your field.
The board assesses the projects according to five parameters:


1. (Intended) impact

The more tangible and structural the (intended) impact, the better.
How innovative is the model or idea you are putting forward?
Your project exists max. 3 years.
Your operating country is Belgium.


2. Feasibility

The easier it is to realise the idea, the greater the chance of selection.


3. Scalability

The easier it is to scale or share your blueprint, the greater the chance of selection.


4. Vision and thoughtfulness

The stronger the vision and the more thoughtful the idea, the better. Proof of concept or findings from pilot projects, or study material can help, but are not an absolute requirement.


5. Team

Your project stands or falls with your personal drive. At the start, you are often alone, which is fine, but you are open to enrich your team with people with complementary skills and diverse backgrounds. Just like us, you attach great importance to integrity.

Do you have an innovative idea?We cannot wait to hear about it.

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