Kaira Fund was founded departing from a sense of urgency, a hands-on mentality and the belief in the necessity for and the feasilibility of change.

Globally, there are brilliant ideas with an enormous impact potential that are asleep because financial return is missing. Kaira wants to be the place where those ideas take flight and thus give wings to everybody.

Kaira stands for:

Creating freedom

where it is possible to fully focus on social and/or ecological development and change. Explicitly without a financial profit objective with attention for scalability.

Connecting people

who push, think and dare. Those who want to realize change, be it philanthropists, innovators, organisations, thinkers alike, can find and complement each other here.

Give wings

to ideas and projects that want to make the world a more just place by feeding them with financial support, knowledge and a forum.

Kaira refers to the Greek concept of time:KAIROSthe right moment to do the right thing.

Contact us via mail at hello@kairafund.org or call +32 497 41 76 31

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