Kaira Fund was founded from a sense of urgency, a hands-on mentality and the belief in the necessity for and the possibility of change.

There are brilliant ideas with an enormous potential impact that are dormant because financial return is missing. Kaira wants those projects to take flight.

Kaira stands for:

Making impact

At Kaira, everything revolves around ecological and social profit. Projects that put the well-being of people and planet before financial gain often have a particularly hard time finding funding and the right partners. That is why we bring pioneers with innovative ideas into the fast lane. Through our guidance, we are a lever for upscaling and systemic impact.

Connecting people

Kaira connects innovators and philanthropists. We bring people who push, think and dare together.

Giving wings

to ideas and projects that seek to make the world a more just place by providing them with financial resources, knowledge and tailored guidance.

Kaira refers to the Greek concept of time:KAIROSthe right moment to do the right thing.

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