Make it real


Do you have an idea or project with which you want to make the world a more just and healthy place with a better wellbeing for all living creatures?
Are you eagerly looking forward to continue with the development of your project?
Let us know.

Selected ideas get financed in order to evolve from idea to investable project.

You also get access to the Kaira network of all kinds of service providers that offer their expertise pro bono and tailored to your needs. It can be legal, marketing, IT, HR or other expertise, depending on your needs.

To know if you are at the right place, check if your idea fulfills following conditions:

Would you like to get funding? Check if following conditions are fulfilled:

positive impact

ecological and/or social


and intention to scale
(country, region of global)

Social and/or ecological profit

no financial profit model


A multidisciplinary jury of experts selects the ideas.

Our jury judges the ideas based on five parameters:

1. (Aimed) impact
The more concrete and structural the (aimed) impact, the better.

2. Feasibility
The easier it is to realise the idea, the higher the chance to be selected. In the starting phase of Kaira, ideas that require relatively low investments, will be selected rather than ideas that require relatively high investments.

3. Scalability
The easier it is to scale the model, the higher the chances to be selected.

4. Thoughtfulness
The more the idea appears to be well thought, the higher the chance to be selected. Proof of concept, test cases or study material can help but are no absolute conditions.

5. Conviction
The stronger the conviction, the higher the chances to be selected.
A strong team can help, but is no absolute condition.

Do you have an idea but no time or space to elaborate it?Let us know here.

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