Today we need social and ecological value creation, more than ever.

Today we need social and ecological value creation, more than ever. 

There are plenty of pioneering changemakers that come up with brilliant ideas for true system change, but they often get stuck in the idea stage. What if they could access a structural platform where they get the exact right type of support early on? That is where Kaira comes in: seed stage philanthropy support.

Impact first ideas can become the new foundations of a more just society if daring pioneers get help in the very beginning of their idea development. Imagine what would happen if we grow a culture where the focus on social and ecological value creation is the standard… Imagine we grow seeds today that can eradicate racism and poverty, imagine our grandchildren will not know what a burn-out or climate anxiety means, imagine all the food we grow is in harmony with Mother Earth…

Today, there is no structural platform for changemakers that helps them at the very beginning of the development of their project or idea with coaching, network and grants. Especially grants in this stage are rare. Small philanthropic grants in the stage where pioneers know they want to change the system but have not figured out exactly how to do it. When the exact right person is provided with the right support that enables them to focus on systemic change from the beginning, new movements and systems can be ignited and can radically change our future for the good.

Kaira means ‘the right time to do the right thing’: we show up before the track record is built and we focus on system change rather than on specific themes. Kaira was founded because it is the right time to leverage people that dare to focus on creating true value for our society and ecology.

More specifically, with Kaira we engage in early stage philanthropy: we support founders through tailor made coaching, network and grants. We give grants for systemic change and support projects that might never have seen the light of day if it wasn’t for this small grant disbursed by early believers.

In a society we reap what we sow.

Kaira bravely goes full force impact first in order to build a just society offering wellbeing for all people on our planet in harmony with mother Earth.

We also want you to join our mission at Kaira!

What can you do right now?

Stimulate people in your surroundings to go impact first, meaning to focus on social and ecological value creation be it in your company, organisation or private life.

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